Sunday, 25 September 2011

Anyes Galleani

Anyes Galleani is an Italian-born photographer and artist based in Los Angeles. She uses photomontage and collage to create unique images and mixed media art.

Flower: Turquoise Heart

Artist Statment

With my work, I strive to explore parallel dimensions of life. I use photomontage and mixed media to create incongruous juxtapositions and collapse boundaries of time and space. The result is that beauty and decay complement each other, old and new merge to tell stories, nature and man-made objects blend in unforeseen ways, all revealing realities beyond ordinary perception.

In the "Beyond Beauty" series, I witness the contrast between women's outer beauty and inner feelings, specifically the pain of domestic abuse and betrayal and the inability to express oneself.

 Corrugated Beauty
 Foil (Blue)
The "New York"  series dwells on civilization eroding from within, where raw metal is exposed in place of glittering glass and skyscrapers compete with nature for living space.

Pink Close Up
The "Trees"  series explores nature's loss of identity in the context of industrialization, where trees have become commodities, obstacles or simply survivors.
Crimped Sepia
 Forest Reflection
The "Flowers"  series symbolizes union, where separate elements fuse together in oneness. Vivid mirror images of leaves and flowers form organic geometric shapes aspiring to ecstatic motion. The subtle weathered aura of the flowers serves as a reminder that the essence of what is good and beautiful survives through time.

 Antique Flower
 Rainbow Leaf

In the "Nature Abstracts"  series, I delve into a more graphic and abstract side of nature by taking color and shapes out of context until distinctly contemporary images emerge.

Wood Motion
 Fire and Water
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